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Where to sit on a Blackjack table

For players using basic strategy your position on the table is not of great importance, however for card counters it is advised to sit at “Third Base”. This is the position on the table that plays the last hand and its benefits are ovious, a player in this position can count the cards played by the other players and have a better count on the hand before playing.

Learning to Count Cards

Like anything other skill set, practiced is required to become a successful card counter. Before you adopt a very complex card counting system and play for real money we suggest you learn the basics first. It is highly unlikely a player will recognize what system is best suited to his or her abilities and style of play with knowing how to count a deck of cards.

Counting a deck of cards

Start the count at –4 and count through the deck. Count -2 for 10’s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings and count+1 for all the other cards, including the aces. After you have counted the entire deck the count should be 0. We suggest that you practice counting a deck of cards until you can do it very quickly without errors. It is also advised that you practice and perfect your skills online, you can wager small or play for free until you feel confident to make larger bets.

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