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Tournament Rules

What is the maximum and minimum bet? How many rounds will be played?

Not all tournaments follow the same format so it is strongly suggested that you read and understand the rules before the tournament starts.

Tournament Schedule

Some Blackjack tournaments are short and sweet, while others can last for days or weeks. It is suggested to read and understand the tournament format before you enter. Imagine making it to the final rounds and not being able to play due to other commitments.

Entry Fees

Most Blackjack tournaments have an entry fee and all the players are issued a fixed amount of chips, however tournaments do exist where the players can purchase chips. It is advised to read and understand the tournament rules and procedures before playing.


Blackjack tournament registration procedures vary from tournament to tournament. Some require you to register weeks before the tournament starts, while others allow you to register minutes before play begins. After you sign up and pay the registration fee you will receive your tournament timetable and guild. This is the time to ask the tournament organizers or the casino any questions you may have about the rules or format of the tournament. Online Casinos will usually answer your emails very quickly before a tournament starts and should also offer a toll free number.

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