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Featured Blackjack Tournament

Return of the Dead-Eye! Yes, BlackJack Card Wars continues! Battle with the dealer for the chance to win a share of $8500! How does it work? It’s easy!

Be one of the 105 ‘Dead-Eye’ Knights who accumulate the highest number of Bonus Points playing BlackJack during event hours to win! BlackJack Battle bonuses will be awarded as follows:

Top 5 fighters = $500 Next 10 = $200 Next 35 = $75 Remaining 55 = $25
May The Ace Be With You!

Simple Rules:

Deposit a minimum of $100 at any time on the day of the event. 2. Positions will be updated every 30 minutes right here. Just click on the ‘Race Results’ tab for results.


If the tournament has an entry fee you will most likely want to know how much can I win? Being that most casinos host tournaments for promotion rather than profit many tournaments award 100% of the entry fees as prize money. These are usually the best types of tournaments to enter being that the risk and reward ratio is usually better.

Free tournaments can also be fun, but being that a tournament can be very time consuming you need to decide if free tournaments are worth your while. Tournament entry fees are usually quite small in comparison to the winnings. You don’t have to risk much for the possibility of winning big.

It is always suggested to overview the prize structure before entering a tournament.

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