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Blackjack Using Simple Math

One of the most popular games in the casino is Blackjack. This is perhaps because it is a simple game to learn or maybe people feel in control. Blackjack is a game where the player to determine the contribution that the end result is. Very few people put the same amount each hand during a reading lesson. Most people change their bets when they feel “lucky.” The attention to your hands and know some facts, simply, you can increase your value, and the amount of money you earn.

Be aware that this article is not to count cards. It is a few simple facts and aware, as you understand in session, time zones knows more or less safe bet.


The following facts (or statistics) are in a single platform. We build our blackjack strategy of these facts.

Probability of treatment:

20 is 9%, or once per eleven hands

Blackjack is by 2.4% or over 42 hands.

If you remember these simple facts, then we can start with our strategy simple.


To win in the long term in blackjack, you need your Paris. If you bet $ 5 on each side, which are limited to the luck of the draw. This strategy is very simple and is designed for you to play to think about other possibilities, the game of blackjack.

Look out for each hand you are dealt and count how long ago was given a 20 and a blackjack. Remember, we’re talking about the first two cards dealt and what were their final touches to their conversation. Given the above facts, we can see that the players should be treated 20 times out of eleven times a blackjack hand and the hands 42.

These facts are true mathematical odds and in the long term. To play a game of blackjack by counting the number of hands, for the past 20, and you will find that it was ten hands. Math says that increases the probability of reception 20 easily in one hand before. It would be an excellent opportunity to increase your bet for some.

Later, you notice that you have not had a blackjack in 40 hands. Since the average of 42 hands, the probability of receiving a blackjack, if it is high. If the probability of receiving a 20 is high, and perhaps create a little more each hand is a good option.

The persecution of the future

This simple strategy is not the only thing I think the blackjack table to be. It is simply a set of facts to consider when deciding how to play blackjack skills progress, you learn to other facts in the eye to maintain and whether those rare occasions that are perfect for the disposal and increase your bankroll. Mathematical figures worth the long-term period, but short, which are subject to wide fluctuations. For example, you could get two sticks in a row, then all the next 100 hands. Keep playing and learning – fun.

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